Whether you are a newcomer to the racetrack, an amateur racing driver or an advanced racing driver, let yourself be coached by a professional Formula 3 racing driver with many years of experience. Important basics are taught in theory and practice and you learn how to drive on a race track and control the vehicle at the limits under professional guidance. In the process, you will develop more and more feeling for your vehicle and become faster from lap to lap.

  • Conducting the training sessions (theory and practice)
  • Rules on the race track (flags, pit lane, making way, behaviour in emergency situations etc.)
  • Coaching with vehicle in front or as passenger
  • Vehicle control, exercises for vehicle control at the limits
  • Optimal shifting, keeping the engine in the ideal speed range
  • Finding the braking point
  • Optimal acceleration out of the curve
  • Finding the ideal line
  • Debriefing after the training sessions